One thought on “Victoria’s Secret – Strut That Stuff”

  1. Thank you very very much for letting me to spend a little time with the most attractive angel’s I have ever seen in my life! After secretly following the shows over the years, I have NEVER been disappointed. The angel’s themselves have always help to lift my spirits, and put a smile on my face exactly when I needed it the most. There is no other show on earth that can do that. If Heaven doesn’t have angel’s as sexy and seductive as what I’ve had the previledge to see and enjoy through your fashion show — then I would rather stay on earth. Thank you again, for the memories and dreams you’ve given me! I tip my hat to the people who are behind the scenes who put everything together year after year. Excellent job! It’s always a 5-star performance! I cant help but to fall in love with a least a half dozen angel’s everytime I watch your show’s. Thank God for the angel’s in my life. Bless each and everyone of you!

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