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Posted on 08 June 2008 by Alina

Unable to show flash video

Sexy Keeley Hazell Video Compilation that I made.
Press play and let it load for several minutes, please have patient.

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  1. js Says:

    Freaking nice melons.

    Very, very sexy (:

  2. sk Says:

    juicy boobs….like to taste them… how much do they cost?

  3. Jason Says:

    Nice example of a pretty face and body.

  4. Abel Says:

    AMAZING!! is the word for her….

  5. filmmaker Says:

    u r very sexy and apretty face and body

  6. cy Says:

    great GIRL!!!

  7. ekumunng Says:

    bombshell babe

  8. Nadia Says:

    I like the way her body glitters in the shower shhot, very sexy.

  9. Sarah Says:

    She does not look like somebody studying psychology, gorgeous boobs anyway :)

  10. Aaron Says:

    what is the soundtrack for this shoot?

  11. Ryoni Says:

    I used the following songs when I made this sexy video compilation of Keeley Hazell.

    Song #1: The Engine Room – A Perfect Lie (Gabriel Dresden)
    Song #2: Syntax – Pride
    Song #3: Nouvelle Vague – Teenage Kick
    Song #4: Zero7 – Destiny

  12. James Dean Says:

    She’s so cute, those eyes, those boobs, you just want to … :D

  13. Wadco Says:

    Wow , it just occurred to me that she has perfect boobs and I would rather touch them than eat for four days .

  14. robson Says:

    she is awesome al die to suck those nipples

  15. justin Says:

    you were great you could go further and take of that thong of yours too

  16. fuuuun Says:

    same size as my girlfriend’s boobs…definitely a very good size!!!

  17. ramesh Says:

    Oh, my god, how could she be so beautiful, so awesome, so so so, I don’t know, so hot and sexy, mind blowing. It wlll take a lifetime to have her entirely.

  18. mike Says:

    you are insanely beautiful, and the fact your british or whatever makes you even more sexy.

  19. JUST FUN Says:

    very fantastic match of structure and face expression so look

  20. Menda Says:

    Totally agree, amazing Body and cute face.

  21. Karol Says:

    Keeley is a goddess, i have never seen such amazing eyes, and a great serious stare when she looks at you, top girl!

  22. Will Says:

    Wow! She’s blessed with those beautiful boobs! I appreciate women who are so gifted in sharing their beauty for us who appreciate them so.

  23. Tracer Says:

    I feel sorry for this girl. She wants an average guy that is caring, understanding, compassionate, etc… but that is hard to get when you are a star (Although I just heard of her like half an hour ago).

    Well, I wish her the best of luck with getting a good guy. But if she wants some advice, she should stop doing that sexy glamour stuff. It will probably just make all the guys she dates want to have sex with her. She should adapt a celebrity lifestyle and wait for marriage.

  24. Videovictum Says:

    Do you know what is the sexy thing about Keeley Hazell? Her voice. I love British accents (as much as I think they’re more stupider than Americans) and Keeley’s is the most elegant (she is almost like Keira Knightley with balloons on her chest).

  25. Nemesis Says:

    Keeley Hazell, the UK’s hottest Page 3 girl, and FHM’s runner up in the sexiest women in the world

    ambrosial, appealing, attractive, captivation, charming, cute, darling, dear, delectable, delicious, delightful, dishy, fetching, heavenly, lovable, luscious, pleasing, precious, sexy, suave, cuddly, erotic, flirtatious, hot stuff, inviting, kissable, libidinous, mature, naughty, provocative, provoking, purple, racy, risqué, salty, seductive, sensual, sensuous, shady, slinky, spicy*, steamy, suggestive, titillating, voluptuous, she is perfect!

  26. Serone Says:

    She’s adorable, so cute and fresh!

  27. itachi me is Says:

    she is not a bombshell, she is the explosion wowowowowowowo there is no words to express because she is all of them, just amazing without a dought the hottess woman in the world without competion.

  28. Andrew Lasay Says:

    Wow! English Babes have such a sexy accent.

  29. abdulqadir Says:

    sir iwant video and phtoo

  30. jan Says:

    i congrajulate u on ur this hot and fantastic movie.bye

  31. jan Says:

    in short and beautiful words there is no moon like u shining the whole world. i once again congrajulate u.

  32. zara Says:

    i want her sex scandal video

  33. jack Says:

    Hot as Hell…!!!!!

  34. pavan Says:

    she is great,dainamic

  35. momotaropnk Says:

    Original … without silicone. Damn … it’s hot!

  36. tilton Says:

    quero um desses tambem

  37. mak Says:

    nice body wow stunnin …….cutest face i have ever seen

  38. Seven Says:

    LOL @ the people writing comments for Keely lol like she’s the one reading hahahah made my day.

  39. JT Says:

    Ryoni I am unable to listen voice.what might be the problem?

  40. Ryoni Says:

    IT should work, try upgrading your flash player

  41. pavan Says:

    u are so beautifull,and i think you have been handled by good&creative people in this video.hats off to all.
    well i like everyone else i too like yr body&face and eveything,
    I think you should also talk or chat with yr fans here it will be amazing

  42. pavan Says:

    u are so beautifull,and i think you have been handled by good&creative people in this video.hats off to all.
    well like everyone else ,i too like yr body&face and eveything,
    I think you should also talk or chat with yr fans here it will be amazing

  43. paul Says:

    kakantutin ko yan kahit kelan ko gustuhin…………..pang kama yan ……………uhm!!! sarap ng pekpek nyan saka laki suso nyan!!!!!

  44. harley Says:

    Thanks for turning me on… to some awesome music and Keeley is pretty hot, too!

  45. ginger Says:

    her face isn’t that cute, not compared to Adriand or TONS of real models. she isn’t pretty enough to be famous for her looks i don’t care how huge her boobs are.

  46. Antony Says:

    Very nice body

  47. Antonella Says:

    WOW… nice baby :)
    I’ve found Keeley Hazell Sex Tape Video ’09 for FREE

    > > > http://keeleyhazell–

    good quality…

  48. Naughty Natalie Says:

    Yweah! Why do guys love boobs so much? I just don’t get it…

  49. mejiue Says:

    well it’s very good …wonderful !!!

    a beautiful girl ,an excellent play ….

  50. carruthers Says:

    Great video of an amazingly beautiful babe. Pretty face, nice hair, nice legs and, best of all, perfect massive boobs. She is incredibly sexy.

  51. john Says:

    this is the super video where r u if u come to our city i will notleave you

  52. Esmaeil Heravi Says:

    Keeley Hazell is a good looking whore.
    All whores are good looking.we marry
    the ugly women and make the good looking
    ones into whores.I love all the whores
    in the world because by looking at them
    we realize how ugly our wives are.

  53. ahmed Says:

    Est- ce que tu es venue de la paradie?
    je crois que tu es tombee du ciel

  54. Anonymous Says:


    ;k;hyrmotinv;,v ytialkhfgh

  55. rosan Says:

    woow nic boobs

  56. H.Khan Says:

    She’s So Cute, attracting face, gorgeous boobs, plz contact me through my id.and most beautiful shoot.

  57. romio Says:

    wow!!!!!! superb!!!!!!!

  58. ronald Says:


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