Russian Models Video & Photos

Posted on 10 August 2008 by Alina

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  1. Wytze Says:

    Cute t-shirt babe. Keep up the good work !

  2. sylvia reyn Says:

    you’re awesome babe!

  3. Eric! Says:

    Wow… awesome woman you are! A true representative for

  4. Yves Says:


  5. ashokkumar Says:

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  6. jaquemijn Says:

    Beautiful model

  7. Giovani Says:

    wow love your words!!

  8. Sarah Says:

    She’s a beauty, I love the dress photos and snow one.

  9. Lieuwke Says:

    Beautiful pics, especially the blue one in the snow!!!

  10. Benny Says:

    Hi there, Girl of my dreams :D

    meh, that was cheesy ..I know

  11. reic Says:

    More photos! Please, please, please!

  12. Viva Says:

    Russian Girls are Beautiful

  13. Sarah Says:

    She has a nice natural beauty face.

  14. meg Says:

    Rotterdam is not in Russia

  15. mrklap Says:

    thanks a lot

  16. Diogo Lambert Says:

    como eu não falo ingles vou me pronunciar em Portugues brasil!

    voce deve ser uma pessoa muito especial de uma incrivel beleza

    boa sorte no que deseja!!!

  17. James Dean Says:

    That snow photo is amazing! Impressive Fashion Model Photography. Thumbs up to the photographer and Model.

  18. Sarah Says:

    Great Photos, you look cute and natural.

  19. ahmedirl of my drea Says:

    unbelievable ur beauty really u r girl of my dream i loved all ur pics specially first one which in in the sea bold eyes,natural beauty face,girl one can never abandon or forsaken her

  20. Ahmed Says:

    nice to meet you

  21. heath Says:

    wow, amazing, worlds most amazingly beautiful girl!!

  22. Vagrant Angle Says:

    Hi >>> great,But we need some shots from a fashion show.

  23. stampeede Says:

    very pretty woman i never see before

  24. Evgeniy Says:

    Russian Girls are Beautiful yes its tru!))

  25. Tom Says:

    She’s hot and pretty face.

  26. Micheal Says:

    She looks amazing in that Pink Bra.

  27. gunnar Says:

    you are amazing and the pictures too
    see you take care

  28. Joseph Says:

    You have a very nice body and face.

  29. Rini Says:

    Beautifull pictures and you too.

  30. Popov Says:

    Hey, my last name is Dupuis too! You’re my wife? ^^

  31. Robaco Says:

    talented! Looks very good!

  32. Menda Says:

    She’s very Sexy! Nice Bikini.

  33. Thomas Says:

    Very hot!

  34. Sharon Says:

    Love the makeup and styling on that black and white bikini photo at the top.

  35. Sharon Says:

    Btw, very nice variation in decors on those photos of your portfolio. Beautiful dress photos.

  36. Karol Says:

    Classic Natural Beauty.

  37. Mark Says:

    Wow a beautiful girl. I wish something with her and wanna die for her.

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  38. Reen Says:

    Hi Alina,

    Jij heb heel veel vrieden en vriendin, geloof ik. Wil jij een Thaise jongen een vrind van jou worden. Ik spreek een beetje Nedelands en ook Engels maar Thais is Perfect natuurlijk.

    Just wanna be your friend.

    My lovely,

  39. oleg Says:

    slushai foto klas wstawi menia w dryzia pa baltaim

  40. labou damas Says:

    octcber15th,22:20pm my dream

  41. Antony Says:

    You really have a stunning face and eyes and beautiful hair.

  42. Serone Says:

    Very nice photos, great lightning and locations.

  43. Jayno Says:

    Love her innocent cute face.

  44. hangassa Says:

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  45. mohseen Says:

    hi, i am mohseen sahil i like to make y r friend? y so beautiful

  46. J. Says:

    Hi there,

    You are honestly one of the most sweetest girls I’ve ever seen.



  47. Ali Says:

    you are a nice girl

  48. andrew Says:

    ali yuo are sexy and a beautiful.
    and i love you so mutch will you marry me ?

  49. Jim Says:

    Beatiful scenery on those drsses shoots anbd nice lightning on the Pink Bra Photo. Nice peace of photos you have in your Model portfolio.

  50. manuel rojas Says:

    solo bueno

  51. RICHARD Says:


  52. RayMan Says:

    Alina I think your so Beautiful, but you must hear that from everybody. I wish you all the Luck and Love in this world.

  53. kjalps Says:

    very different kinda of photography accenuates her features quite beautiful not the most beautiful female around but has a certain charm

  54. kjalps Says:

    its more of next door kinda girl on the verge of discovering herself

  55. Andrew Lasay Says:

    Beautiful Model!, Love your cute and innocent face.

  56. mick george Says:

    hi honey, you look fab…
    love to hear from you…..pleaseee

  57. kjalps Says:

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  58. shah Says:

    hi this is bilal shah , i will just say that u r a naturally beautifull girl , hmmmmmm……….. about ur pic , they r very very beautifull , especially that ice one’s i’ll call that PICTURE OF THE MILLENIUM .

  59. anthony Says:

    Stunning !! If you’re ever in Minneapolis, I promise to shoot you free of charge, but you have to buy me lunch…..if you see my stuff, you’ll know it’s a deal- chow

  60. tony Says:

    the netherlands? is it nice there?

  61. RayMan Says:

    I think your one of the most Beutiful girls since NATALIE WOOD.

  62. oreste Says:

    hi, you are so nice, and natural, so that i should like to be in touch with you, if will be possible for my part to give option job. I am Italian, let me know, i am looking a girl face natural like you

  63. MADY Says:

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  64. Larry Says:

    you remind me of a young audrey hepburn

  65. praphul Says:

    You are a beautiful russian woman!

  66. Stiffy Says:

    Wow that is the uglies cat I’ve ever seen. Chick is hot though

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  74. Andrew W Says:

    You are a beautiful girl, I could get lost in your eyes forever. My words are not enough to express the way that you captivate me with the beauty that seems to just flow from every part of your body. What could I say that most have not already said.

  75. xfactor Says:

    very sexy :)

  76. jace Says:

    Hi Alina
    can only say your so gorgeous, very sexy. would love to see you for real

  77. Anonymous Says:

    Hi there.
    Your a great model, your body is stunning.
    I like the snow picture the best ;)

  78. luis Says:

    hola q tal linda komo t ba presiosa

  79. Daniel Smith Says:

    Hi Alina, I do audio work in the US on independent films and wanted to know if you ever considered working abroad in film. My associates and I would be very interested in having someone with your stunning looks and portfolio on an upcoming project. Let us know if you would be interested.



    Will you marry me?

    I love you


  81. Ronaldo Says:

    Wow you’re beatiful! I love that first photo, the one with the light blue water. Nice makeup.

  82. Mark King Says:

    you are truly a natural beauty! do you consider yourself beautiful?
    good luck with your career.

  83. tony Says:

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  85. Jdsair Says:

    What a vision… flawless… absolutely flawless

  86. hello Says:

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  87. Dutchman Says:

    Very sweet model

  88. Mayuresh Sant Says:

    You are quite beautiful……

  89. frankie Says:

    Amazing woman

  90. Raoul66nl Says:

    very nice pics, ik fotografeer zelf ook maar mag alleen maar dromen van zulke foto’s. Succes verder, Raoul

  91. Dustin Edwards Says:

    Wow, you are BEUTIFUL !

  92. Slava Says:

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  93. Ronnie Says:

    auuu man. she’s so gorgeous. nice face. Eyes say a lot…

  94. Ronnie Says:

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  95. Jason Says:

    very Hot wanna move to Canada ?

  96. Amy Says:

    You have a beautiful sweet face, nice gazing brown eyes.

  97. q.a.bari Says:

    You are wondereful and your photograph is unique.

  98. apart Says:

    (Kau adalah Ratu di alaf ini)malay language…You are so beautiful..smooth
    n can’t imagine about your face.

  99. razie Says:

    Never see any face as your photo is very wonderful…malay speak gebu betik

  100. andri Says:

    your have beautiful eyes, hope some day i can take photograph of you.. =)

  101. Bryan Mendez Says:

    Love your new photos. You’re face is a perfect example of timeless universal female beaty.

  102. Digger Says:

    Absolutely one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.
    Wishing you great success in your career.

    Are you single?

  103. Rony Says:

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  106. Glenn Corey Says:

    Alina, You are stunning! ever get to the states? My Model Mayhem number is 636211.

  107. Anne Says:

    Hi there!

    Your photographs are just amazing :o
    you look so soft and sweet on the most of them! really lovely!

    Would you minde me drawing you? please send me a mail :D

    Keep up the great work!


  108. manu Says:

    very beautiful and hot <3

  109. manu Says:

    simply perfect
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  110. JOEL Says:

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  113. Francisco Says:

    Hello Alina;

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    Anyway, I would like hear from you.

    Take care.


  114. Silent Says:

    Hi, saw your pictures and I got mesmerized for a few minutes. You are a very gorgeous woman. Give me a call. 530-315-1420. I’d love to get to know you more. Email me at: [email protected]

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  121. vahtang haindrava Says:

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  124. Samus Says:

    You’re a really beautifull girl, really simple and gorgeous at the same time.

    Greats pics, I love the one in the snow !

  125. Rick Blanton Says:

    I love your Water Photo!It would be really cool to know You!

  126. albert Says:

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  127. Tanweer Says:

    Alina, I simply Love You

  128. mali Says:

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  130. Maniac Says:

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    Realy nice woman :) Like u <3

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  143. jamil Says:

    Wow. it’s amazing. I do love Russian Girls, hehe. Salam

  144. Fareed Says:

    i have to just say this to u Alina Dupuis, you are hell pretty and beautiful! . if you can publish more of your pictures please do it

  145. Samir Says:

    hello, y’re charme i want to contact you!if you can

  146. allen Says:

    You are so gorgeous.

    asking your permission to grab your photos and save it to my laptop and mobile phone

  147. SAN Says:

    hi, u look so sad in some stills….
    but it suits u very much….

  148. gary Says:

    i don’t know if your picture tells about what you really are.

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    Good luck in life, babe! Death comes the same for us all!
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    Alina I looooooooove you. So Angel like your beauty.
    Ahhhhhhhhh you mame me feel crazy.

  834. wamik arya Says:

    u r soooooooooooooooooo cute $ sexy

  835. delson Says:

    voce é muito linda adorei suas fotos e e seu video

  836. Ceklat Says:


  837. paulo Says:

    so simple so beautiful. you are awsome Alina. kisses.

  838. Anonymous Says:

    nice shoots.pretty model.

  839. Anonymous Says:

    HI I love u

  840. deltin Says:

    love u so much.. will u marry me

  841. gecou Says:

    You are a dream! A really dream.

  842. martin mui Says:

    You are so appealing it would be word spending a million dollar on you

  843. Jeremy Says:

    I love u the way u are <3 <3 <3

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