Versace Fall 2006 Fashion Show Video

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Video of The best and sexiest Versace Fashion Show (Fall 2006). Ft. lot’s of Top Models.

7 thoughts on “Versace Fall 2006 Fashion Show Video”

  1. Donatella can NEVER replace her brother, the amazing Gianni!
    What a tragic loss of one of the greatest designers & a genius for designing what really defines glamour, & what truly enhances the female body! Donatella, while a fair designer (In my opinion), can never match the dynamic flair & artistry of her brother, Gianni Versace!

  2. Donatella will never be her Brother of course. But I love all her collections and this one is by far one of the best. he clothes is chic, elegant and to die for. She does not just design for young woman, but makes all woman of all ages look elegant young and beautiful. She truly have continued the Versace Legacy

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