Natalia Vodianova Video

Posted on 20 October 2008 by Ryoni

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Compilation Video I’ve made of this Beautiful Russian Supermodel.
Press play and let it load a few minutes if you’re on a slow connection.

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  1. Francesca Says:

    She’s my favorite Russian Model. I miss her on the catwalk. Very Nice Video!

  2. Bryan Mendez Says:

    Beautiful Footage, great music.

  3. James Dean Says:

    I’m in love with a Russian.

  4. Lorena Says:

    She looks amazing in that fragrance commercial.

  5. Kitty Says:

    She is so charming cute in this video, absolutely adorable.

  6. Lola Says:

    I admire her sensuality, she is so lovely (l)

  7. Tinkerbel Says:

    She has an extraordinary combination of innocence and sex, I adore her!

  8. Della C Lopez Says:

    I enjoyed watching this video of Natalia Vodianova. She reminded me of several other models that i had seen in the past, thank you.

  9. Zena Says:

    Ryoni you made her even more beautiful than i ever seen, thanks its perfect vid :) really nice yes :)

  10. Wytze Says:

    Without a doubt one of your best late productions. All the time and effort you’ve put into this production pay off in mindblowing atmospheric compilations. While this may sound weird to some other readers, I was truly carried away and out of the world for a few minutes while watching the clip.

    in other words; Good job :)

  11. fer Says:

    Great video as always!! What´s the name of the song?

  12. Serone Says:

    Wow, she’s one of the most beautiful russian models around.

  13. Ryoni Says:

    Most Beautiful Russian Supermodel!

  14. Jim Says:

    Wow, she’s so cute at the fashion catwalk scenes. Amazing combination of innocence and sexy. I can imagine she was a Supermodel.

  15. Andrew Lasay Says:

    Amazing Video of this Beautiful Woman!

  16. kjalps Says:

    sexines……………….pure SEXY…

  17. Alexander Says:

    I love her.
    Tell me the name of soundtrack, plz/

  18. Eliza Says:

    Beautiful Model! The music does her really good justice!

  19. nomadsoul Says:

    Does someone know the name of the song used in ? thks !

  20. ekri Says:

    Name of song: Beverly Klass – Temple

  21. mike Says:

    hi ang ganda mo sa modeling ng calvin klein

  22. Pete Says:

    Sshe does look very russian in this video.. w/ the deepset eyes, heavy brow, and kind of flattish lips (see vladmir putin, lol).

  23. Cliff Says:

    What is the name of the beautiful songs?

  24. Hugo Says:

    Broadway. She is everywhere. And her life is glamorous. But at the begining of her career nobody supposed her big potential at her city – Nijniy Novgorod becouse of her height untill one foreign ‘searcher’ noticed her beauty. And she moved to Paris.

  25. Mark Says:

    shes beautiful,
    but looks kinder evil!

  26. Mina Says:

    she looks like and ANGEL!! I wish i was as half as beautiful as she is!!!

  27. Marty Says:

    Naatalia cooks! This is so cute, but I wish I could understand more Russian.She’s so beautiful, but very childlike in her looks and gestures.

  28. Erwin Says:

    yeah, i keep asking myself the same question..why’s she soooo beautiful? I can’t believe it, I love her =D

  29. Dunya Says:

    she is astunning oh natalia..why u r so beautiful

  30. Anonymous Says:

    you like an angel

  31. John Says:

    She reminds me of Romy Schneider

  32. Richard Says:

    She is the sweetest super model I’ve ever seen from Russia.

  33. Janice Says:

    My favorite model!

  34. mayco Says:

    hi guys what happenends friends u

  35. mayco Says:

    Wow, I’m impressed by her.

  36. bowo Says:

    she is just a human, nothing special about her but her beautiful, kind, brilliant, mind

  37. Jaz Says:

    Great Compilation Video!

  38. Lea Says:

    She has this Lolita kind of face I totally adore.

  39. jan dale Says:

    natalia why are so sexy

  40. Namia Says:

    Natalia appeared in ‘Pirelli Calendar’ in 2003, 2004 & 2006

  41. Info Says:

    Born in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod, Russia’s fourth largest city), Vodianova, nickname ‘SuperNova’, had a difficult childhood. Her mother’s abusive boyfriends and a tight financial situation dogged her throughout childhood. Having helped her mother with her fruit stall business from the age of 11, Vodianova moved into her own apartment with a friend at 15 and started her own fruit-stall business. She was thus able to help out her sisters, one of whom is disabled.

    At age 15, Vodianova enrolled in a modeling academy, and started going to castings. A scouting agent from Paris told her that she could have a great future if she learned English quickly. Convinced that her life would change for the better, Vodianova learned English in three months, moved to Paris and signed up with the Viva agency at age 17. Soon, Gucci made her the new face for their perfume line. After working at more than 40 runway shows, she was hired to appear in Calvin Klein’s spring show. Around this time she also made a brief appearance in Roman Coppola’s film CQ, with Billy Zane.

  42. paulo Says:

    very nice!!!

  43. james Says:

    you are so cute

  44. rean Says:

    i love it see is so cute and pretty girl….

  45. JUI Says:

    One of a kind!

  46. Charlize Says:

    One of the prettiest Models ever. Her story is one of a kind also, from poor wanderer to rich supermodel.

  47. Mus!c Says:

    The first song is Temple by Beverly Klass.

  48. mac Says:

    True Beauty!

  49. naeem Says:

    this very good site

  50. undead4ever Says:

    i would love her more if she a little bit fatter

  51. rashi Says:

    I wanted to remove her bra and panty

  52. BODI Says:

    quanto ebona quella p…..

  53. Winggit Says:

    Adorable is the best word for her.

  54. Zulfikar Agusetiawan Says:

    it’s cool

  55. Anonymous Says:

    you’re so beautiful

  56. ahmed quantson Says:


  57. Johan Says:

    There is something special about Russian Women and Models.

  58. jun02 Says:

    Great footage, very well compiled.


    She looks very charming and peacefully.

  60. Wessan Says:

    Beautiful relaxing video!

  61. Anonymous Says:

    # fer Says:
    October 14th, 2008 at 6:38 am

    Great video as always!! What´s the name of the song?

  62. Anonymous Says:


  63. dickson Says:

    i love you

  64. neelam Says:

    nice video & photographs I like it…if i can also get chance for giving my video & photographs contact to me on my mail id.

  65. hicham Says:

    as angel surprise ,yes you so beautiful…

  66. Richard Says:

    She is so so beautifull

  67. reko Says:

    She is so sexy, I wish I had a girlfriend like her.

  68. sam Says:

    She is very sexy.

  69. Rawan Says:

    i love it see is so cute and pretty girl

  70. wahid Says:

    i love it…Mio-Wio

  71. Says:

    que pedazo de hembra me la regarcharia si si!!!

  72. popcon Says:


  73. intoy Says:

    she’s amazing!so beautiful for human eyes…..

  74. mooy Says:


  75. shamim Says:

    Very sexy video. Nice Model!

  76. Anonymous Says:

    ñ tem nem um comentario de gente brasileiro

  77. e-baju Says:

    Wow…, sooo sexy huh

  78. Hanif Says:

    hej,hvad skal jeg se til dig?…det er min læge sprog. Jeg starter dansk.øøøøåååæææ

  79. saurab Says:

    ur so good


    She is daughter of Venus.honestly dreamgirl in sanskrit Kamaagni Sukumari.

  81. ALIAL Says:

    You r so sexy

  82. Johan Says:

    She’s the best fashion model ever.

  83. pawan Says:

    She’s the most beautiful lolita model i’ve ever seen!

  84. mooy Says:


  85. alex Says:

    very nice

  86. Anonymous Says:

    it’s very good

  87. Zainal Effendi Says:

    oh yeah.. uh…

  88. Anonymous Says:

    she is looking gorjious mean so attractive

  89. abdul rehman Says:

    she is beautiful and attractive

  90. mateo Says:


  91. alester Says:

    This video is very sexy, it made me fall of my chair.

  92. Neugierig Says:

    Rosto muito lindo mas, anoréxica!

  93. Alexis Says:

    Es muy hermosa me encanta…..


  94. Anonymous Says:


  95. Anonymous Says:

    como sa va

  96. ami Says:

    its ameging

  97. traihamvui Says:


  98. sanjoy Says:

    it is pazaled

  99. Vejitah Says:

    omfg amazing video, u really have some talent man. I never heard about this russian model before but your video makes her look so great :)

  100. johnyman Says:

    VERY NICE!!!!

  101. shoban Says:

    this Video is very beautiful!

  102. Gurdip Says:

    Absolutly- beautifull, ammzing,soft, silky, sweet ‘ tender!!

  103. Gurdip Says:

    Intoxicatngly soft n’ wet!!
    Natalia is so sexy, exotic, soft and tender!!

  104. guy Says:

    very nice

  105. sagar Says:

    lovely and hot sexy

  106. I Says:

    Sexy Women

  107. Homeboy Says:

    Man, I would love to bang her several times :).

  108. gaby Says:

    te rompo el orto de una manera increible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. RAJESH Says:

    Most beautiful women I have ever seen its fantabulous

  110. Mr.Malik Says:

    i want to talk you because you are so sexy

  111. Mr.Malik Says:

    i want a girl friend like you

  112. Josecito Says:

    Que linda puta que sos!!! Te haría gozar por el orto, pero bueno, me conformo cuando me la chupás.

  113. surya Says:


  114. mamat Says:

    sexy and hot

  115. Anonymous Says:

    Gracias por el video de mala calidad muchos de ellos los veo en

  116. Jack Says:

    she’s dam hot :)

  117. coloca Says:

    what a nice video!

  118. mano_diao Says:

    merciiiiiiiiiii for video

  119. aneta Says:

    what’s the last song?

  120. abhi Says:

    kya haal hai

  121. asif Says:


  122. AR EMON Says:


  123. Virus Says:

    whatz the name of the 2nd song .. plz

  124. SALIM Says:


  125. adab bodo22 Says:

    she is very beautiful what is the name of 2ndf song please

  126. LUKI Says:


  127. Anonymous Says:


  128. shani king Says:

    oh very hot baby

  129. Moota Says:

    she gonna cute cheek and nice face. The sexiest “Thalleyolee”

  130. anand Says:

    she is perfect to do anything

  131. Alex Says:

    what a nice video!

  132. zahangir Says:

    Very sexy!

  133. joseph Says:

    I dream of getting married to a russian or ukrainiane woman

  134. M Tayab Says:

    My best friends resurch

  135. hussien Says:

    i love you

  136. hussien Says:

    you is very beauty

  137. GQ Says:

    The beginning is not catching but as you go through it, the video became interesting. Is she’s a model before becoming a singer?

  138. Anonymous Says:

    you look sexy

  139. seryoga Says:

    pidorasy zabugornie

  140. waqas Says:

    oh! so sexy

  141. jimmy Says:

    i love y0u

  142. David Says:

    Very beautiful smile, and gorgeous eyes!

  143. Raja Ghaffar Says:

    Kareena I Love You So Much I Realy Love U….Trust me.

  144. Edward Profke Says:

    Breathtakingly Beautiful. Sureal………..

  145. Anonymous Says:

    very good

  146. Anonymous Says:


  147. Arthur Jo Says:

    all i can say is yo off the hook keep up the good work

  148. jio Says:

    hola deseo conocer personas

  149. eka Says:

    ayu aja pada rabi lamon boca lanang tk sunati mindo

  150. pedro Says:

    she is not a super model, she is a hyper model

  151. shi Says:

    so beautiful and sexy

  152. WAQAS Says:

    I admire her sensuality, she is so lovely (l)

  153. Miranda Says:

    i m love with russia

  154. vijaykukumar Says:

    hi iam vijaykumar

  155. jibri Says:

    hi how ru

  156. nomadsoul Says:

    Probably one of the best video on Ryoni.

    The first song is Beverly Klass – Temple

    But does someone know the names of the two others following songs ?

  157. Anonymous Says:

    wow!!! beautiful body…beautiful face…it’s Natalia!!! tnx…

  158. borneogirl Says:

    wow!!! nice video…i like it…is that natalia…

  159. john Says:

    She is adorable.

  160. RAMKUMAR Says:


  161. bhaji Says:


  162. Roaming Soul Says:

    Hey frnds i found this mp3 song…

    Download this song with Natalia Vodianova pics from here

  163. kikong Says:

    hello can some1 plz tell me what are the other 2 songs names?

  164. Sweetnoise Says:

    2nd: Sleep – Amanaska
    3rd: enigma – deep forest

  165. Celeb Gadgets Says:

    She is damn hot

  166. Lianne ;-) Says:

    I love her she´s a amazing woman…Beautiful video of her. ;-)

  167. jimmy Says:


  168. jose Says:

    soy alto y moreno y soy bien divertido me gusta salir a bailar juego diferentes deportes como el futbol y el boley entre otros bueno creo que nada mas vivo por la musica.

  169. jose Says:

    es muy linda y de cuerpo escultural quisiera conocerla
    es increible

  170. Robert Martinkovi? Says:

    Chcel by som ta!

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  174. kamdev Says:

    very interesting style

  175. aungaung Says:

    I love you. Form the movement,I see you.

  176. Crystian picudo Says:

    Elas são gostosas

  177. cristian rakes Says:


  178. Alex Says:

    How I wish if she could appear in front of me!

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