FHM Most Sexy Babe – Megan Fox

Posted on 29 October 2008 by William Chung

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Megan Fox Compilation Video

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  1. Jason Says:

    She’s one of the hottest hollywood babes ever. Very sexy brunette. Nice Video. I loved her in Transformers the Movie.

  2. Robbie Says:

    I agree, amazing girl. Killer body, lots of charisma too. I love her lips, very sexy. Boy, would I love to find her in my bed…

  3. Andrew Lasay Says:

    She’s the best thing that could happen to the Transformers Movie. So amazingly hot.

  4. Jeffrey Says:

    She is an American Monica Bellucci, bloody hot.

  5. RoC Says:

    god had a nice day =)

  6. KISS Says:

    Anybody who can tell me what song is playing here? It´s as cool as the girl.

  7. Martijn Says:

    Song is: Armin van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa – Burned with desire… I dont know which mix

  8. Boca Says:

    Woman from Argentina are way hotter. She is hot but nothing like Pamela David. I’m form the u.s. I went to Argentina and all I can say is that Megan is ok.

  9. Amy Says:

    Beautiful Woman! Her eyes and mouth are like a godesss.

  10. Me Says:

    Hot!! My wife is hot for her also.

  11. Monti Says:

    she is very sexy………….i luv

  12. stampeede Says:

    thank u for your sharing
    so pretty woman
    why my country no pretty woman?

  13. gillipollas Says:

    i like her mouth.wow

  14. Megan Fox Says:

    noooooooooooooooooooooo dont watch this im too skinny on this video

  15. fabi Says:

    I love her body!!! My Heart is YOURS, Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She`s the one…

  16. hjhaykorea Says:

    verry nice body,pretty

  17. Robert Says:

    Beautiful Woman! Her eyes and mouth are like a godesss.

  18. Pepper Says:

    She is a sweet chick, but more in a girly way than as a woman. But a lovely lady nonetheless.

  19. RAJ Says:

    she is ultimate killer! I want to download this video.

  20. G Says:

    Megan you are not two skinny. You are in great shape and don’t be so self conscious. You are beautiful, and in interviews you have a great personality. Everyone loves you, so you should love your self a little more :).

  21. Tajsuperdj Says:

    I have a sexy novie Megan Fox.I like her so much.Thanks

  22. xavi jones Says:

    she is the most pretty woman in hollywood. i love her movies and she is also very sexy

  23. bsb Says:

    ty god

  24. mathe Says:

    You’re hot..i’m might not your number 1 fan but i like you..

  25. kristian Says:

    your so hot n kinda chili!! like to meet yah and have a chat!!!
    see yah!!

  26. blue Says:

    its very good

  27. daniel Says:

    Megan fox is sooo hot! everything about her is so perfect, she is the hottest women on the planet!!!! would love to meet her.

  28. slametponidi Says:

    i like you.she is the hottest women on the planettt would love to meet you.

  29. ChristopherBezzone Says:

    Megan is beautiful, taleted, charismatic, and simple stunning! Any guy would be VERY fortunate to be with her. If I ever met her though, I would love to have a nice conversation with her and ask her why she has so many tatoos and what do they all mean. To me she is a work of art…..

  30. Dana Says:

    Oh my gooodness! Where do I start? Megan Fox is not like a goddess, she is a goddess! It didn’t take all 150 times watching “Transformers” for me to figure out that I can’t get enough of this talented and startlingly beautiful actress. Wouldn’t I love to be the object of her affection!

    I can’t wait for the new movie to be released. Your biggest fan in Maryland is counting the days!

  31. Dana Says:

    I have been wondering why I am short of breath while watching Megan and now I realize that it’s because I am not breathing!

  32. steeve Says:

    the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes !!!

  33. MEHMET Says:

    MEGAN FOX seni türkiye’ye bekliyoruz senin kadar güzel bir kad?n? ülkemizden ag?rlamaktan mutluluk duyar?z umar? bi gün gelirsin ve seni daha yak?ndan görürüm.

  34. xanuri06 Says:

    she is so fuckin hot is the best women I see in my life I love everything

  35. inchhigh Says:

    MEGAN FOX : well i still remember the first time i saw her in an episode of two and a half men and i still can get over the scene when she gets all soapy cleaning the window.

  36. German Says:

    linda piba casi como las argentinas…

  37. Rodol Says:

    sos la chica mas hermosa del mundo

  38. Rodol Says:

    te aria de todo
    y aguante argentina

  39. jay Says:

    She is the sexest woman I have ever saw.

  40. Briningsexyback Says:

    Hoyahdo it hard baby. Sexest woman I have ever seen. Megan Fox U Rock. I LOVE U.

  41. Josh Says:

    She is the sexest woman I have ever saw.

  42. Mana Says:

    Damn. I think if u were to compare her with megan good. She would win that one out right. I think she’s the hotter megan. Unlike megan good she has an awesome body n those gorgeous eyes dat make her to die for

  43. Anonymous Says:

    she is my baby i love her so much

  44. ARF Says:

    i met her shes so sweet. and a good kisser :)

  45. sanki Says:

    yeah god had a realy nice day

  46. khali Says:


  47. khali Says:

    sexy ladi sex

  48. yasin Says:

    ?ans?m olsa hayallerim gercek olsa idi bu k?zlar ile çal??maktan onlara hizmet etmekten mutluluk duyard?m

  49. manin Says:

    this is really good picture

  50. akiii Says:

    nice video…………………….

  51. Anonymous Says:


  52. Manish Says:

    you are the sexiest women on this earth..

  53. ravikant003 Says:

    your lipes is so honey. i want to kiss with your lovly lips.

  54. dan41 Says:


  55. andy81 Says:


  56. wow Says:


  57. M.A.malhk Says:

    U r very saxy……..and so butifull…………

  58. OMG! Says:

    OMG! – best features are lips, eyes and tatoo’s – woudl love to Photograph her for my portrait photography course! …Megan if ur reading and are visiting London – get in touch! ;)

  59. charity Says:

    i luv sex

  60. M.a.malhk Says:


  61. Anonymous Says:

    If you are very hot and sexy look ,i very impress the transformers movie. And we are want very hot from you . I love babe

  62. Blaine bamba Says:

    She is truely an angel and the fantasy of all the men in the world young or old

  63. aaa Says:

    your so beautiful…

  64. Dr.honoriscausas Says:

    Te convido Garota linda a fazer um curta aqui no brasil,para um filme serio
    com conteudo paranormal e esperitual.ok beijos

  65. Amir Jan Says:

    the most beautiful video i had ever seen….keep it up

  66. GARNET Says:


  67. Andre Colorenzo Says:

    Wow Megan you are not just stunning and amazing through every imaginable way. You are what brightens my day.

  68. anto.cs50 Says:

    Verry good

  69. deedsss Says:

    you are so hot that i want to fuck you!!!!!!!!!

  70. Reena Says:


  71. desimms Says:

    sexiest tattoo i seen

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