71 thoughts on “FHM Most Sexy Babe – Megan Fox”

  1. Woman from Argentina are way hotter. She is hot but nothing like Pamela David. I’m form the u.s. I went to Argentina and all I can say is that Megan is ok.

  2. Megan you are not two skinny. You are in great shape and don’t be so self conscious. You are beautiful, and in interviews you have a great personality. Everyone loves you, so you should love your self a little more :).

  3. Megan fox is sooo hot! everything about her is so perfect, she is the hottest women on the planet!!!! would love to meet her.

  4. Megan is beautiful, taleted, charismatic, and simple stunning! Any guy would be VERY fortunate to be with her. If I ever met her though, I would love to have a nice conversation with her and ask her why she has so many tatoos and what do they all mean. To me she is a work of art…..

  5. Oh my gooodness! Where do I start? Megan Fox is not like a goddess, she is a goddess! It didn’t take all 150 times watching “Transformers” for me to figure out that I can’t get enough of this talented and startlingly beautiful actress. Wouldn’t I love to be the object of her affection!

    I can’t wait for the new movie to be released. Your biggest fan in Maryland is counting the days!

  6. I have been wondering why I am short of breath while watching Megan and now I realize that it’s because I am not breathing!

  7. MEGAN FOX seni türkiye’ye bekliyoruz senin kadar güzel bir kad?n? ülkemizden ag?rlamaktan mutluluk duyar?z umar? bi gün gelirsin ve seni daha yak?ndan görürüm.

  8. MEGAN FOX : well i still remember the first time i saw her in an episode of two and a half men and i still can get over the scene when she gets all soapy cleaning the window.

  9. Damn. I think if u were to compare her with megan good. She would win that one out right. I think she’s the hotter megan. Unlike megan good she has an awesome body n those gorgeous eyes dat make her to die for

  10. OMG! – best features are lips, eyes and tatoo’s – woudl love to Photograph her for my portrait photography course! …Megan if ur reading and are visiting London – get in touch! ;)

  11. Te convido Garota linda a fazer um curta aqui no brasil,para um filme serio
    com conteudo paranormal e esperitual.ok beijos

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