Isabeli Fontana Video

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Sexy Isabeli Fontana Video.

30 thoughts on “Isabeli Fontana Video”

  1. Thanks for the beautiful video. I love Isabeli, she’s such a beautiful Italian Model, although she was born in Brazil her parents are Italian. I love the way she looks in that pink background lingerie commercial.

  2. I saw her in ny, and even though she is a little shorter than i expected, she is gor-ge-ous. i saw that beautiful girl coming to the bryant park and when i realized it was here. then i screamed ‘omg isabeli’ and she laughed

  3. Hey she’s not italian!! she’s Brazilian! she said in an interview that one of her grandmothers is half italian half portuguese and the other one is indiginous! besides that, Brazil is a young country! everyone has a background but are still Brazilians, ok??

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