James Bond Girl – Olga Kurylenko Video

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Sexy Compilation Video of Olga Kurylenko Video. This Beautiful Ukraine Model and actress has been voted as the hottest Girl ever casted in a James Bond movie.

182 thoughts on “James Bond Girl – Olga Kurylenko Video”

  1. the most beautiful ukraine model and woman in the world.
    I had to stop the video for posting the comment, couldn’t miss a second ;)

  2. She’s more beautifull than shes sexy and god shes sexy… Shes one of the most beautifull woman on earth. I totaly agree with Maxim for voting her the hottest Bond Girl ever!

  3. Good presentation and deserves a prize for the constribution she makes to the society. I feel many people including women appreciate her being a beautiful lady.

  4. God she’s beautiful and seems like she’s smart too, she’s been shot in a series of pretty sophisticated French movies. Not a usual “static” model.

  5. Very beautiful and sensitive video of Olga, she definitely has a sex appeal of a bondgirl to seduce all bad guys in the movie. How can James resist her oh la la!

  6. Wow, she’s so naturally beautiful and her nudity does not offend. I enjoyed watching her in this video. Gosh, I wish i looked like her!!!

  7. Yeah she’s pretty..

    For those of you who are not aware this part of the world has scores of beautiful girls.

    In Lithuania for eg, you will find strikinglt beautiful girls in scores!

    I feel that most can put any supermodel to shame…

  8. Just saw the movie yesterday afternoon, this girl is so hot. I’ve already seen her in Hitman. But I loved her tan skin this time around.

    Also, saw an interview with her a while ago about the new bond movie, she has a great personality too.

  9. Yes she is “hot , pretty , sexy…” But ***
    You have never been to the Ukraine or you would know…
    There are thousands of Ladies that look as good as her, or better.
    Honestly I travel there a lot. She is from Ukraine / Crinea / a amall
    city on the Black Sea. Check out Feodosia, Yalta, or Savastople…
    All cities with WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL Ladies.
    Good luck :-)

  10. hey it’s a awesome video i hav ever seen in my lyf….ya i agree dat she is the hottest and sexiest woman…she is rockin….

  11. On the judgment day we shall see who is hot and who is not. This is an abomination before God and we are so happy to see her do it, shame unto all of us. God Exist, God help us.

  12. shes so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like you deboshka……ya te bla lo blo……sayebis karasho………keep up the good work karifan……

  13. she looks like ANNE CURTIS of the philipppines……and maybe ANNE little bit better than her…….hekhekhekhek……..i love ANNE mwahhhhhhh…….

  14. she’s so beautiful i love this video, she’s so hot unbelievable!!!!!! i hope their will be another video a hot as that………….

  15. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    may kasabihang: sweet candles are easy to find
    sweet cookies are easy to eat
    but sweet person is hard to find

  16. that so awesome,,,never mind the body but look at her face, sooo, so..young..it reminds of me of fonda.,,the lady young warrior,, and marilyn monroe… 50s hottest girl.. ooh yeah..just imagination and dream.
    hi….. am aris of last island in mindanao pagadian city.. your picture is in my little nipa hut house in creekside valley of sumadat jungle…the young lady bond…….

  17. Hello Olga ,
    My name is Alin 25 years old
    i like very much
    i saw you in thr movie MaxPayne , Quantum of Solace etc

    Youa are perfect woman from every part

    KISS YOU VERY MUCH :) :) :)

    Please write to my mail


  18. OK, she’s attractive, she has nice legs, but she’s too skinny, has serious bags under her eyes and is no better than lots of women you meet every day.

  19. She is very good looking, not beautiful in the sense like some Bond girls. yes, maybe sexy, but definitely not the Hottest Bond girl of all times, there have been too many beautiful Bond girls before her.

  20. The bond movies are always fantastic as they consist of every thing which an average viewer wants – action, glamour, thrill and suspense. Personally my favorite bond actor is Pierce Brosnon.

  21. Amy wrote: “I had to stop the video for posting the comment, couldn’t miss a second” – EXACTLY!
    After watching the new Bond I always come back to saying that she’s the most beautiful women in the world.

  22. shes ok for all i can say. but am hook i would ask for her hands. shes a piece of beauty but not to my ebony black beauty wife for now.

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