James Bond Girl – Olga Kurylenko Video

Posted on 14 November 2008 by Levent

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Sexy Compilation Video of Olga Kurylenko Video. This Beautiful Ukraine Model and actress has been voted as the hottest Girl ever casted in a James Bond movie.

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  1. Amy Says:

    the most beautiful ukraine model and woman in the world.
    I had to stop the video for posting the comment, couldn’t miss a second ;)

  2. James Dean Says:

    Awesome, I recognized her immediately before she was in James Bond.

  3. Andrew Lasay Says:

    She’s superb : she looks like a younger version of Sophie Marceau mixed with Eva Green!

  4. Bryan Mendez Says:

    She’s more beautifull than shes sexy and god shes sexy… Shes one of the most beautifull woman on earth. I totaly agree with Maxim for voting her the hottest Bond Girl ever!

  5. Sarah Says:

    Good presentation and deserves a prize for the constribution she makes to the society. I feel many people including women appreciate her being a beautiful lady.

  6. Francesca Says:

    Wow! Amazing Video. Music fits the scenes nicely, very sensual and beautiful footage.

  7. Yuriy from Ukraine Says:

    God she’s beautiful and seems like she’s smart too, she’s been shot in a series of pretty sophisticated French movies. Not a usual “static” model.

  8. Nomad_soul Says:

    She is so pure… and also so hot !!

    really nice vid ! what’s the name of the song ?

  9. Mark Says:

    Top 3 Bond women. I also was wondering what the title and artist of the song used in the video is?

  10. pyi hain Says:

    i need more your wallpaper picture.please reply to my mail.

  11. Levent Says:

    Name of the song, Martina Topley – Sandpaper kisses
    from Martina Topley album “Bird” (also Fahrenheit game OST)

  12. Mark Says:

    Much appreciated Levent, it is always cool to get music that is not so common. thanks

  13. Nomad_soul Says:

    Thanks a lot Levent !

  14. Michael Says:

    From whom ist the music in the video?

  15. Silent Says:

    God I’d love to put my dic* in that!!!!!!!!

  16. Sabrina Says:

    Very beautiful and sensitive video of Olga, she definitely has a sex appeal of a bondgirl to seduce all bad guys in the movie. How can James resist her oh la la!

  17. Cristi Says:

    Wow, she’s so naturally beautiful and her nudity does not offend. I enjoyed watching her in this video. Gosh, I wish i looked like her!!!

  18. albert Says:

    i wish i have a girl like her, she’s so beutiful..

  19. albert Says:

    wow…i enjoyed watching her.,she’s so hot…

  20. ugly_mhonei Says:

    whalah!!!amazing,sexy body,pretty face…what else can i say???ah,i wish i could be like her mmwaaah!!!

  21. StaCz Says:


  22. tic Says:

    miss u so much

  23. tic Says:

    love it

  24. Linn Says:

    darn, she’s so hot, she is so cute in the movie hitman too.

  25. Vilas Trivedi Says:

    Fabulous is the word.

  26. sherwin Says:

    excellent!a very good presentation ever and a superb,beautiful model.

  27. leohifi Says:

    Yeah she’s pretty..

    For those of you who are not aware this part of the world has scores of beautiful girls.

    In Lithuania for eg, you will find strikinglt beautiful girls in scores!

    I feel that most can put any supermodel to shame…

  28. Tarek Says:

    Pure Beauty .. and that look in her eyes is true I believe!
    that look was seismic enough on both my brains and heart.

  29. daave Says:

    im so hots!!

  30. irwn Says:

    i love alina dupius

  31. hakim Says:

    she has left me speechless

  32. sezar777 Says:

    tha film as good

  33. Marcos Says:

    Ella es la misma de la pelicula HITMAN… buena eleccion para el 007

  34. Hun Hang Says:

    I am really happy that I got this

  35. cheljalon Says:

    she is beautiful i like her

  36. Deepak Says:

    Nice Legs, I like, Looks like Bamboo……………..

  37. sai Says:

    film good

  38. Dj Don Says:

    She is so hot and sexy even everyone love her.

  39. maytea Says:


  40. majd Says:

    shes so fuckin hot

  41. Sagar Says:

    she is beautiful i like her

  42. sheeraz Says:

    have a good life dear live long

  43. yuvraj Says:

    She is very hot, specially her talent of showing herself is fabulous.

  44. Bryan Mendez Says:

    I watched the James Bond movie just for her.

  45. Hot Indian Girls Pictures Says:

    really very hot and I like these

  46. Goldy Says:

    You are looking so beautiful & your figure is very sexy.

  47. Goldy Says:

    She is very hot

  48. Wytze Says:

    Just saw the movie yesterday afternoon, this girl is so hot. I’ve already seen her in Hitman. But I loved her tan skin this time around.

    Also, saw an interview with her a while ago about the new bond movie, she has a great personality too.

  49. Henry Says:

    Yes she is “hot , pretty , sexy…” But ***
    You have never been to the Ukraine or you would know…
    There are thousands of Ladies that look as good as her, or better.
    Honestly I travel there a lot. She is from Ukraine / Crinea / a amall
    city on the Black Sea. Check out Feodosia, Yalta, or Savastople…
    All cities with WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL Ladies.
    Good luck :-)

  50. Rief Says:

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    Nice Site…

  51. sami Says:

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  52. Anooo Says:

    Yes she is “hot , pretty , pecially her talent

  53. sami Says:

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  54. coolankit Says:

    hey it’s a awesome video i hav ever seen in my lyf….ya i agree dat she is the hottest and sexiest woman…she is rockin….

  55. Kashz Says:

    She is damn hot n awesomely beautiful…

  56. sam Says:

    abuse jobs very bad for them,,God dnt like this….dnt mind bt its true byz

  57. george Says:

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  62. ravinder Says:

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  63. hey Says:

    yes!!!!!! she is prety

  64. knowell Says:

    She’s not so pretty but she got a perfect body… she’s so hot!!!

  65. rOmeo Says:

    she is awesome. everything about her is sexy.

  66. Eric Says:

    She is so pure… and also so hot !!

  67. Deepika Says:

    I really like this girl.. Shes hot n sexy, bt her fig. is nt kool…

  68. Grissom Says:

    On the judgment day we shall see who is hot and who is not. This is an abomination before God and we are so happy to see her do it, shame unto all of us. God Exist, God help us.

  69. anggie Says:

    Only one word can describe her…AWESOME

  70. somasekhar n Says:

    she is really sexy, hot…no hotest girl in the world.

  71. vj_cris Says:

    shes so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like you deboshka……ya te bla lo blo……sayebis karasho………keep up the good work karifan……

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    she looks like ANNE CURTIS of the philipppines……and maybe ANNE little bit better than her…….hekhekhekhek……..i love ANNE mwahhhhhhh…….

  73. sxzc Says:

    uh thats awesome girl two thumbs up>>>>>

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  76. Jay Says:

    I Like That…

  77. Imam Roby Says:

    I need to find baby..some one who can hear my mind Miss Olga

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  79. juarsa Says:

    Top 3 Bond women. I also was wondering what the title and artist of the song used in the video is?

  80. Sexiest Bollywood Wallpapers Says:

    She is hottest

  81. xavi Says:

    Oh yes she is very quit and admirable.She is ………..

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    wow…its really amazing

  88. onin d' great Says:

    she’s so beautiful i love this video, she’s so hot unbelievable!!!!!! i hope their will be another video a hot as that………….

  89. Fadlan Says:

    awesome, i love this one. i like her ponytail’s. so HOT!!!

  90. krishna Says:

    i have not any words to explain her………………..so cute

  91. ToeKnee Says:

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    the last sexiest model in this planet!

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  101. aris Says:

    that so awesome,,,never mind the body but look at her face, sooo, so..young..it reminds of me of fonda.,,the lady young warrior,, and marilyn monroe… 50s hottest girl.. ooh yeah..just imagination and dream.
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  102. Anonymous Says:

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    she is so sexy….
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    shes so sexy and totally hot!..cnt miss a scond of her video. “____”

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  118. Alin Says:

    Hello Olga ,
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    i saw you in thr movie MaxPayne , Quantum of Solace etc

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  119. A.Rizal Says:

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  126. satish Says:

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  127. AK Says:

    OK, she’s attractive, she has nice legs, but she’s too skinny, has serious bags under her eyes and is no better than lots of women you meet every day.

  128. Aajada Says:

    She is very good looking, not beautiful in the sense like some Bond girls. yes, maybe sexy, but definitely not the Hottest Bond girl of all times, there have been too many beautiful Bond girls before her.

  129. imran Says:


  130. Paul Eastman Says:

    Wow, she is awesome beauty of ukraine model, but eva green is looking more sexy and beautiful in bond.

  131. zaw Says:

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  132. saju Says:

    WOW ~~feel good to watch the movie.

  133. dipesh Says:

    olga k. its looked like my girlfriend v…….. sorry I cant say shes name but this clip so wonderful

  134. RAJ MARK Says:

    olga is a beautiful girl, this clip makes her wonderfullt sexy.

  135. masood Says:

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  136. eeky Says:

    whaddyu expect? The hottest Bond girl is, by definition, the latest Bond girl.

  137. vash2033 Says:

    She’s so freakin’ smoking hot ukrainian girl!!!!! lol

  138. saju Says:

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  150. James Says:

    The bond movies are always fantastic as they consist of every thing which an average viewer wants – action, glamour, thrill and suspense. Personally my favorite bond actor is Pierce Brosnon.

  151. de amzkhan Says:

    woow in my fisrt time to see the beautiful lady. thank’s

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    i love dis video

  153. Says:

    wonderfull video… i wish .. i wish .. i wish i could wear a chevren..

  154. khali Says:

    superb sexy

  155. Aleksandra Says:

    Amy wrote: “I had to stop the video for posting the comment, couldn’t miss a second” – EXACTLY!
    After watching the new Bond I always come back to saying that she’s the most beautiful women in the world.

  156. [email protected] Says:

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  160. Unknown Says:

    The music is in the PC game ‘Farenheit’ also there, portraiting a female character.

  161. pitote Says:

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  163. Ola Says:

    The song is Martina Topley Bird – Sandpaper kisses

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    she’s pretty woman, but she’s verry
    bad acting

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