Canadian Babe – Elisha Cuthbert Video

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Sexy Compilation of this pretty Canadian Actress from 24/Girl Next Door.

157 thoughts on “Canadian Babe – Elisha Cuthbert Video”

  1. I can’t believe she used to do popular mechanics for kids when she was 15, i used to watch her all the time. Actually i think i stopped watching when she left the show >_>

  2. i love her when i see her first time.she is gorgious.i like 2 check physially that is she satisfay my emotion.i really love her.

  3. i love her sexy hairs eyes ears lips neck sweet oranges navel waist sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lov traingle 2 globes andat last thighs and legs
    i want each and evry part of her

  4. i love her when i see her first time.she is gorgious.i like 2 check physially that is she satisfay my emotion.i really love her.

  5. you guys or girls are sick in the head.
    there are hundreds of girl walking on the street like her or even more.
    So stop chatting about her and go after the hot chicks on the street

  6. after ” the girl next door ” , simple question appeard in my head. Why God create this girl. She is really gorgeous. rasim35 from turkey …

  7. nice.. if any1 knows a blonde girl hu is as hot as her man pls give me a mesej in mah profile..

    those girls make mah head turn 720 degrees man

    ( XD)

  8. we should appereciate the beuty that god has created we should think of her mind first and then we should do whatever our or her mind think but freindship with her will be envoy for others.

  9. wow!..she’s the hottest girl i have ever seen in my life..i wish i could meet her..when i first saw “the girl nextdoor” i fell in love with her..i know it sounds strange but i wish i was her boyfriend

  10. I know, maybe you will be don’t care about this massage.
    If you want retire…you still have time, please i know you don’t want your life become like this, and maybe this is not your dream to be like this. You can stop do this silly things before you late…You can stop it right there and right now…becarefull,because you don’t know when reaper come to you…and do you think heaven will be recieve you if you still like that?
    c’mon think hard sweety! you can stop it now…or…Hell waiting for u….
    I’m not kidding…Becarefull sweety, I belive God will forgive you..and I belive you know you must stop it…you can be a wonderful woman without do that (Sorry if my english is not good, I’m Indonesian I can’t chat english well)(Sorry if I hurt your feeling) you still have time… ^-^

  11. i m a big fan of alisha….and my wish to see her one time….and talk her…..
    that time was a like that i stand on heaven

  12. ???Sote me bhi chehre ko Aanchal se chhupaye rakhti he wo Darr lagta hai Palkon ki halki si larzish Honton ki mohom si khwahish Galon par reh-reh ke utarne wali dhanak Lahu me chand rachati Is nannhi si khusi ka naam na le- le Neend me aayi hui muskan kisi se dil ki baat na keh de???

  13. sisisisi,…para mi ,todass las mujeres que ha creado dios son hermosas lindas , bellas , preciosas ,….. ,siendo una de las mas grandiosas creaciones y tan perfectas , y esta linda chica ,es encantadora solo uno de los mejores hombres puede estar con esta preciosura ..,como quisiera ser uno de esos suertudos ….

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