Canadian Babe – Elisha Cuthbert Video

Posted on 30 November 2008 by Levent

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Sexy Compilation of this pretty Canadian Actress from 24/Girl Next Door.

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  1. Francesca Says:

    She was very cute and sexy in 24 series. I also loved her looks in Girl Next Door Movie. Cool Video.

  2. James Dean Says:

    I wish I had a Girl Next Door like her. So sexy and at the same time fragile innocent.

  3. Bryan Mendez Says:

    I love Blonde Women, they are the hottest!

  4. roni Says:

    RONI –> Romeo never stops
    I slept with many Hottest teens and I like to sleep with this hottie. will soon going to :)

  5. Watch Online Movies Says:

    very good pray for you that you sleep to these ones

  6. omme Says:

    u loking hoot

  7. anonymous Says:

    I can’t believe she used to do popular mechanics for kids when she was 15, i used to watch her all the time. Actually i think i stopped watching when she left the show >_>

  8. ra vi Says:

    hi h r u nice video

  9. Francis Macaldo Says:

    hubaga oi!patiwala ko bhe!!..

  10. Framcis Daguhoy Says:

    hubaga nimo uy!!

  11. amolgaur Says:

    meet u

  12. ahmed Says:

    i love her when i see her first time.she is gorgious.i like 2 check physially that is she satisfay my emotion.i really love her.

  13. manik Says:

    I like very sexy girl.

  14. branz Says:

    oh i see hope that the career of david is successful…..

  15. khethtan Says:

    I like her very much…

  16. sylvio logarte Says:


  17. Vijay Says:

    She is beautiful & innocent. I would like to have a Girl Next Door like this. She is really beauty.

  18. evert Says:

    i have many friends like her…. just like girls i’ve seen…

  19. wilma Says:

    di ako marnong utube

  20. vincent young Says:

    sexy model and nice video making better

  21. arif Says:

    ilke this video !!

  22. Shamedog18 Says:

    Sean Avery’s sloppy seconds!

  23. jason alvarado Says:

    your so beautiful…… can we be friends???????tnx. god blessd

  24. Linda Says:

    She is adorable :) I think she is much more prettier as brunette.

  25. Eric Says:

    Great babe!

  26. baha Says:

    first music name plzzzzzzz

  27. dsad Says:

    thanks for this good egor

  28. Mr. W Says:

    I love the pretty lady on this video, she`s so gorgeous and sexy. Wish i could fine someone like u..

  29. Anonymous Says:

    it’s very sexy vedio i like her one day i share his bed

  30. xavi Says:

    i love her body … she is very sexy and charming. am sure, she is not from this planet earth….

  31. maverick Says:

    will you marry me??

  32. jp Says:

    she’s cute…

  33. Paul Eastman Says:

    i love this blond gal

  34. alvin Says:

    thanks for the nice video. She was beautiful in 24 series.

  35. vash2033 Says:

    yeah really!! she’s so gorgeous and cute!! whew!!:D

  36. 24 Says:

    Elisha Cuthbert is the hottest girl from Canada.

  37. pham van binh Says:

    you will love me sure

  38. hantu Says:

    i like her breast..!!

  39. lil'burt Says:

    the best!

  40. Anonymous Says:

    she is so…my kind of a girl..nyammm

  41. sugan Says:

    She´s the perfect girlfriend!

  42. eizar Says:


  43. TIJO KURIAN Says:

    !! @@ wow she is too hot @@ !!

  44. snk Says:

    who know from who the music is?

  45. rajesh Says:

    she will meet me

  46. richard g. Says:

    I love her… she is gorgeous…. hot stuff…

  47. jack D Says:

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  48. Gerard Says:

    Hottest babe thanks for posting

  49. fitore Says:

    she is a beautiful girl…

  50. shahraz Says:

    she is so abeatiful.thank u for thes

  51. shahraz Says:

    I love her… she is gorgeous…. hot stuff…-;(

  52. jamaico Says:


  53. roberto Says:

    she is a beautiful girl

  54. mohammedyousuf Says:

    you have great body
    and nice smile.

  55. Jim Says:

    Would love to have her :D

  56. Xplodvelt74 Says:

    somebody made an excellent compilation of one of the hottest actresses… good job, hot stuff…

  57. motin Says:

    Hi Sexxy,

  58. ahmet Says:

    hoooooot baby,? love you

  59. o be one Says:

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  60. Anonymous Says:

    i love her sexy hairs eyes ears lips neck sweet oranges navel waist sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lov traingle 2 globes andat last thighs and legs
    i want each and evry part of her

  61. GO Says:


  62. Benny Says:

    First song is Insomnia by Faithless
    ur welcome

  63. MJ Says:

    The most beautiful girl in the world…

  64. waghi ul hassan Says:

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  65. eiad Says:

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  66. AAAAA Says:

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  67. jonny Says:

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  68. sunil Says:

    i love this video

  69. c mac Says:

    a very beautiful young woman she has got a great future

  70. Azza Says:

    Best quality video!!!

  71. LazarusStone Says:

    Estem.. es rubia no??… todo mal… me quedo con Morena Baccarin

  72. gustlik Says:

    ta laska jest zajebista :D

  73. xiukunshen Says:

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  74. malinda Says:

    hy ur very beauty

  75. Money Says:

    Shes’s Loveable !

  76. loverx Says:

    so cute wooow

  77. dnb Says:

    pleas send me name second song :) on [email protected] thanx very much!!!

  78. shankey Says:

    you kno wat m creazy about this woman ..n i not even love her body i love her soul also…god bless you ..elisha

  79. gg Says:

    Hi there

  80. 111 Says:

    i want make love for you

  81. Levent Says:

    Second Song “Ingvild Hasund – Rush” .
    You can find in Dreamfall Loungest Journey game OST
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  82. john Says:

    her lips is so smooth……..i want to burst it……

  83. asha Says:

    i am man nightys bras like 2009 how did my life on gents

  84. Anonymous Says:

    i love her when i see her first time.she is gorgious.i like 2 check physially that is she satisfay my emotion.i really love her.

  85. anu Says:

    russian babes are very hot!

  86. thea Says:

    ang pangit naman.wuala vng mas wild p dyan?

  87. perz Says:

    Rapsa totnakin!

  88. YO Says:

    you guys or girls are sick in the head.
    there are hundreds of girl walking on the street like her or even more.
    So stop chatting about her and go after the hot chicks on the street

  89. Superman Says:

    This is one of my girlfriends so take care with your comments

  90. Anonymous Says:

    very sexy i wish my wife also be like her

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  93. Anonymous Says:

    after ” the girl next door ” , simple question appeard in my head. Why God create this girl. She is really gorgeous. rasim35 from turkey …

  94. chris Says:

    i love her smile… loves her the way she shows her feelings… love it..ummmvah

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  98. Anonymous Says:

    She is very very sexy

  99. Tushar patil Says:

    we should appereciate the beuty that god has created we should think of her mind first and then we should do whatever our or her mind think but freindship with her will be envoy for others.

  100. Anonymous Says:

    i love u elisha cuthbert

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    i’m going to be her husband again tonight

  105. nancy Says:

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  107. adam Says:

    Yes, very good home video. She´s very nice. I like bum from her and feet too. Do will her next video? By

  108. Tadano Says:

    What are the songs being played in the video clip?

  109. theghost13 Says:

    she is actor in 24 hour all dummies here

  110. alex Says:

    wow!..she’s the hottest girl i have ever seen in my life..i wish i could meet her..when i first saw “the girl nextdoor” i fell in love with her..i know it sounds strange but i wish i was her boyfriend

  111. Luciano Says:

    Wow, this is a nice girl! Fantastic!!!!!!

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  117. rodrigo Says:

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  118. Eddy Says:

    A Real Beauty, who knows how to show what…

  119. aguse Says:

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  122. Jingle0860 Says:

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    what song is playing on this video

  133. Jax Freeman Says:

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  134. df Says:

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  136. pepito Says:

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  137. Pralayanker Says:

    i m a big fan of alisha….and my wish to see her one time….and talk her…..
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  138. Anonymous Says:

    hola a todas las chicas quero ver algo mas de todas mas hermosa que mucho beso chica ricas

  139. zahid Says:

    in beauty she is second to none……..i have never seen a girl more beautiful than elisha…………

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  143. luvn u ~*ELISHA*~ Says:

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  144. kasasino Says:

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  145. halinwlf Says:

    For me this is the ultimate young blonde.How can you top her?

  146. amolgaur Says:

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  157. raul Says:

    esta ree buena la rubia y es sensual al mango

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