Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2008 HD Video

Posted on 04 December 2008 by Ryoni

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Video of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2008. Meet those Sexy Beautiful Women and Super Models on your screen. Which VS Angel do you love the most?
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  1. Wytze Says:

    This is what HD is for :)

    Totally Awesome, I love each and everyone of them :)

  2. Liza Says:

    These women are very sexy, I would love to date Usher.

  3. Bryan Mendez Says:

    Beautiful Women. Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes are the hottest of the Victoria’s SEcret Angels by a mile.

    Great stuff!

  4. Francesca Says:

    Adriana Lima’s looks better in this show but I don’t like her styling, kinda scary.

  5. Andrew Lasay Says:

    Miranda Kerr is my favorite! She’s totally cute and hot. Thanks for the video.

  6. James Dean Says:

    I used to date those Models of Victoria’s Secret when nobody knew who they were..

    I kid :D

  7. Remco Says:

    Why don’t they have fashion shows like this in Holland.

  8. jacqueline Says:

    I met Doutzen last year in the dressingroom at forever 21 in manhattan! She was so nice, it was awesome!

  9. Serone Says:

    I this the show is great, one of the best ones since 2005 and 2001.

  10. Ryoni Says:

    Doutzen Kroes is a beautiful woman :)

  11. Melissa Says:

    Alessandra is gorgeous !

  12. Sandy Says:

    They should have replaced Usher with Micheal Jackson.

  13. mark Says:

    The ladies here was so sexy and pretty!!! i love DOUTZEN KROES!!!

  14. Sarah Says:

    Where is Jessica Stam? Marisa has a well shaped body.

  15. Ronaldo Says:

    I can’t handle all these beautiful ladies, I want to invite them all for my eyes wide shut party.

  16. Shanice Says:

    So much better than the anorexic models that walk the high fashion runways these days. Why can’t all the couture fashion houses use girls that are this size (skinny and fit but not looking like they are about to drop dead of starvation).

  17. Sharon Says:

    I totally agree with Shanice. Those models look so much healthy compared to all those women/models at these Paris Fashion Shows.

  18. speakdareal Says:

    Liza Says: “I would love to date Usher.”

    But Liza, he’s Negro. I don’t think your friends and family would approve!

  19. Jim Says:

    I think they edited this show too much, they they gave way too much attention to the performers like usher. I haven’t seen any of the models doing a complete catwalk.

  20. Osiwa Says:

    What I see is egos promoting themselves, and they are ugly

  21. ali Says:

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  22. roque Says:

    what an awesome sexy woman

  23. roque Says:

    so sexy

  24. domiun Says:


  25. Benj Says:

    Thank you so much Ryoni!!!

    My fav is still the 2006 show but this one is also good.All angels r gorgeous~

  26. Tom Rinard Says:

    What a disappointment the 2008 show was to me. Yes of course the girls were gorgeous but the production was really sad this year. I don’t think that any of the girls had any exposure during this show that was longer than 3 seconds. The cameras are constantly cutting back and forth not allowing the viewer any time to really “see” the models. Really sad. It had the potential to be a kick butt show!!!

  27. Billy R Ramsey Says:

    They are ALL simply Divine! Great Show VS do keep it up; I am most certainly looking forward to next year.

    An Admirer in Texas,

  28. ratp Says:

    Very good show !

  29. nels Says:

    “But Liza, he’s Negro. I don’t think your friends and family would approve!”

    LOL, are you serious?
    this is the 21st century, racism is dead (unless you are in spain)


  30. manuel Says:

    i just can’t withstand those models

  31. Lena Says:

    Heidi is the best of the best!!!

  32. Mavado66 Says:

    THE SHOW COMLETELY SUCKED!!!!!! Just like last year’s. I didn’t find anything worth watching IMO. Adriana’s hair and makeup looked like complete shit but damn her body was the most TONED!!!! Her body looked a lot firmer and more fit than the rest of the girls and you could see her muscle tone throughout. Doutzen was absolutely gorgeous but she walks just too damn fast. Miranda was very hot too and so was Candice. The rest were pretty blah. Karlolina did not look good at all and Heidi is wayyyyy past her prime they should retire her from VS. Alessandra looked good but her body looked even more disproportionate because aside from her shorter legs than the other girls, she was a little “fuller” from having a baby that it made her look a little stumpy. She was still hot though and her face is gorgeous. Inguna and Behati were cute. We will never again see the show like the one from 2005 or the Adriana from 2005. It’s not a fasion show anymore, it’s an entertainment stage show but at least the hand gestures didn’t get outta control this year.

  33. Pera Says:

    I just watch the show and I like the show. I think miranda got the best outfit.

  34. §AVATAGE™RÒÇK§ Says:

    I thought the show was amazing,the best one since 2005.Doutzen and Candice did look stunning, that was the best Adriana looked since 2005 also. she had herself in great shape.In order the girls i liked best

    1. Doutzen
    2. Candice
    3. Miranda
    4. Adriana
    5. Ana

  35. dex Says:

    my heart goes boom boom …
    some of the most beautiful light that your eye can see …
    angels on the earth …
    enjoy peak …
    dex ;))

  36. aLx Says:

    Amazing to upload it in HD!

    Amazing Victoria Secret Angels!


  37. Dimitri Says:


  38. Olivier Says:

    I love the show, however other years where better. They really need to show the whole walks of the models and not just 3 secs. So really bad produced, but the setting was perfect! I also love the intro!

  39. Mcnicky Says:

    ok… I still couldn’t manage to watch 720p HDTV broadcast yet but nevertheless watched the full show in normal quality.

    I can easily say that it’s no more no less than the last year’s show. Congrats to models for giving up swinging their hands during their walks (at least they swang less this year) and helping to demonstrate a more dignified and glamourous show.

    Talking specifically, I expected an explosion from Adriana but it didn’t happen and comparing to KK’s moves while walking with fantasy bra during VSFS 2006, it sounded like; eh. She could do it better. Also terrible make-up. (I liked her boobs this year though :mustache: )

    At first I couldn’t realize KK for some seconds, a terrible make-up again She looked a bit ugly imo, however this doesn’t mean that her body was the same. Her body just rocked. (Booty :mustache:)

    Doutzen… my little hyperactive girl. Does somebody run after you so you walk such that fast? She looked good, however.

    I liked Marisa’s walk more this time. No mention to that perfect body (cousins :woot:) but her face… eh… not a model’s face. yeah I’m gonna say this repeatedly coz I strongly believe that she is a buttaface.

    Miranda!!! Oh my little but awesome Miranda!! your face is just a cure for me after Marisa’s :P Seriously, she becomes more and more gorgeous year by year. I just stared her beautiful face.

    Behati… she was the cutest one along with Miranda, the tactics given by her was ok bt she should consider attacking style and man to man marking too :P

    Heidi, still goofy, still cute, still sexy, STILL SEAL in the show????? I was just scared after seeing him when he was watching the show, I supposed he would sing a song and VSFS would have signed a life-long contract with him :shock: lolol

    Alessandra: looked great even leaving behind pregnancy recently. no words for her, one of the favorites of the show.

    I expected an explosion by Candice too, and this happened, but damn you the VS editors!! they cut Candice’s scenes as much as they could, just f**ked up. She’s definitely the hottest one.

    And I liked also Flavia and Ana BB…

    To sum up, it was not a great show but not a bad show neither, similar to 2006 & 2007. Usher’s performance was nice, I send my compliments to him as I did to Justin and william. One more thing, I didn’t like Fontaineblue Runway, Kodak Theatre is the best imo, however organizing the show in a different place was a good idea.

  40. susana Says:


  41. §AVATAGE™RÒÇK§ Says:

    I just finshed downloading the 720P HD WMV Video file ryoni schouten thanks much for posting it, also the quality of the file is outstanding!

  42. Tim Says:

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  43. Ahbram Says:

    Well i thought this years show was not the best of th VSFS years, i didn’t like that fact that it was just a one side show..and it did go pretty fast for me i thought it would be a nice show like 2005′s or 2006 or even 2007. but this yeas was just..blah..the models where great ..but i could hardly see them they kept it on the performers the whole time..didn’t like that…it’s also hard to call it VSFS without GISELE, and TYRA…but oh well life goes on..and its so true what one of the comments on here’s not a fashion show any more it’s an entertainment show……next year i would like to see more of 2005 2003 and 2002..we don’t want to see the performers..we see them every where..we want to see the clothes and the models which we dont see every where…but to finish it off…i expected more of the 2008 show…

  44. aster Says:

    Carmen is the best in the catwalk!!!! and she s came back…More beautiful than ever. I love her! she s pure experience, one of the first VS Angels.

  45. Says:

    nice fashion show , j’adoreee ……..

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  48. Mar Says:

    It was totally “HOXY”. Means that it was so hot and sexy.

  49. Michael Harris Says:

    Please ask Adriana to call me! Please tell her, ‘beijos!’

  50. Francesca Says:

    I LOVE Adriana!! She always opens the show with high energy BUT it’s getting worse every year. She looked amazing in the beginning, esp. when she did her poses, but she started pointing and it ruined it, esp. when she kept wiggling her finger! I LOVED her walks back in 03 and 05! Bring it back!

    And now everyone’s copying her pointings (e.g. Alessandra). There’s too much winking and blow kissing and etc!! It seems like VS is targeting a much younger audience.

    Doutzen looked amazing btw

  51. Adse Says:

    Miami suits Victoria Secret very well….I think the best actually!!!!You never miss the water till the well runs dry, Tyra bring your behind back to Victoria’s secret asap!!! They need you!!

  52. AnnPink Says:

    Yes I love Adriana she´s my fav but why??? I don´t like her hair this year!!! she looked gorgeous in 2005!! but well…she looks pretty anyway!!! she is the “Model” of Victoria´s Secret!! and I love to see Ana Beatriz Again this year!!

  53. Angel Says:

    Adriana ROCK that runway. She looks gorgeous. It was definitely the best idea to have her open the show on the runway…and end the first part too when she came back on to walk with Usher. Adriana is the best!

  54. Zatesca Says:

    They miss the great Natasha Poly, Raquel Zimmermann…. to bad!!!!… I miss 2005 and 2006 shows

  55. Zyphron Says:

    Loved the show this year. Usher was a nice touch.

    as for all the models. your guys are far to Critical. as for me I have never been a fan of Lima (Derek Zoolander)To Each his own I guess.
    And thanks so much Ryoni for the ripping and hosting. ive looked everywhere for it in 720P the past few days. then I checked my E-mail Smiler

    (and For just Having a Kid 24 Aug, Alle looks incredible. best looking one IMO)

  56. Mavado666 Says:

    I personally have never been a fan of Alessandra because she usually looks like a praying mantis but with the added weight her face has filled up gorgeous, hopefully she won’t go back to being anorexic rail thin. Adriana still has the looks from 2005 and earlier, it’s just that horrible makeup and hair always cover up her real beauty. This video taken after the show was taped proves just how beautiful adriana is:

    at 2:50 she looks absolutely stunning. She should’ve looked like this for the show.

  57. Oliviertjuh Says:

    I watched the show a few times now, and I need to say that it’s my nr. 1 favourite untill now!
    Miranda is sow beautiful, she’s the best of this show, I like Alessandra and Selita too, Selita is much better than last year. Adriana just was a huge turn of for me, the make-up and the constant waving, she needs ot stop now. And I need to say that I still like Heidi she has a natural beauty and the Ballet des Fleurs she was stunning. Doutzen was also perfect, OK she walks fast but it was good for the show.

    The music this time was so good, finally a remix, and the Pink section’s music was my favourite, the thing that they did with the dancers running on the beat. And the ”The Modern’s” segment’s music was very nice too.

    So my favourite models of the show:

    1. Miranda Kerr
    2. Doutzen Kroes
    3. Selita Ebanks
    4. Alessandra Ambrosio
    5. Heidi Klum

    * I loved Karolina dancing during the Pink segment. And I need to say that the intro witbh Heidi, Alessandra, Doutzen, Selita, Marissa, Miranda & Adriana was perfect.

    And I laughed so hard about Heidi’s fake crying and after that when she talked about the MM Dollar bra when she said ”It’s going to be bright” and she made the sunglasses thing XD I was on the floor, Heidi is becomming better.

    And for all the critics, do we want to be it like a Chanel show? C’mon VS is american, it’s huge, it’s feminine, I like at is it. This show was the best!

  58. JaZ Says:

    wow so sexy…I’d love to have sex with them..yummy

  59. DutchViking Says:

    You have go to be kidding me?!?! Marissa has no beauty?? she is an absolutely gorgeous woman and actually maxims #1 hottest women in the whole world. She has been in the VS fashion show for years and is a modeling idol. wow we know you dont know what your talking about.

  60. Mischa Says:

    I like Heidi Klum a lot, but onestly, I believe it is time for her to step out and let a new girl in.

  61. Mischa Says:

    Did you know that Karolina Kurkova has no navel?

  62. Esther Says:

    Victoria’s Secret models are just perfect. I love Doutzen Kroes! Adriana Lima’s face looks a bit too skinny to me, don’t you agree?

  63. Nadine Says:

    Well….still too much arm moving / kiss blowing but its an improvement from last year.

    I LOVE the PINK section….and the funny thing is before the show aired the majority of people was like…oh no, to hell with the whole PINK idea…but after this years show the majority loved the PINK section. Flavia and Behati owned the runway!

  64. Ryoni Says:

    I also liked the pink part. Thhe models were very cute and it had a cool song in that part.

  65. pete Says:

    bring back fernanda,natascha and andi :’( great show tho

  66. Tony2008 Says:

    I thought the show this year was boring. Last year it seemed sexier and better. Adrian Lima looks better in that Victoria’s Secret commercial than she did in the show. They needed more cleavage, more wings. Last year with all those wings I felt like I was in heaven. When Usher performed there should of been models on the runway. I watched for the women not the singer!

  67. Raphael Says:

    Who is the model at 11:05 11:10 ???? The guy sais sth like ‘Claudia’ before…. Any Idea who she is??

  68. Ryoni Says:

    Hi Raphael. Her name is Flavia de Oliveira. She’s a Brazilian Model.

  69. Anydyman Says:

    I’ve had that PINK song stuck in my head ever since the show hehe. And the song in the 3rd segment was pretty sweet too. And after watching the second time, I realized how fast Doutzen walks. She is really hyper or something. Not a bad thing though :)

    Whoever did the editing and cutting must have been drunk. Seriously, there are so many cuts it could give someone an epileptic seizure. :rolleyes: Not to mention the camera angles. There were way too many boob shots. Don’t get me wrong, I love boobs ;) , but you don’t have to zoom in on the ladies’ rack for 15 seconds before you pan up, I mean seriously.

    Now, the Pros.
    Miranda was, as usual, quite stunning.
    If I hadn’t known Alessandra just had a kid, I would have never believed it. It’s remarkable how fine she looks.
    I think Behati is one of my new favorites along with Flavia. They’re just so cute. Also, not enough people give credit to Rosie. She’s pretty cute, too.
    I think the PINK segment was the best one of the show. The only thing was that there was no Miranda in it :(
    Overall, a great show, hot as usual. But this year, the audience seemed to be a lot more quiet. Hopefully it will be even better next year.

  70. test Says:

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  72. Dhruv Says:

    Did you notice the show has been edited alot? there are more models right at the end when the show ends but i didn’t see them walking the ramp! funny!

  73. Oliviertjuh Says:

    Yes, the audience was more quiet, but the editing made it seem like there were a huge number of celebrities at this show, more than at the others. Paris, members of the cast of Las Vegas, members of the casts of CSI, Desperate Housewives, ATWT, etc. etc.

  74. Guardsofheaven Says:

    I dont like the new catwalk when it’s like a stage. Its better when they walk through the audience.

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  78. Klattu Says:

    All too skinny..i bet none are good in bed…too hung up and high maintenance

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  80. Alina Says:

    I think Usher is pretty annoying with his singing, it looks funny when every model is trying to flirt with him on stage and he looks like a hobbit.

    Doutzen looks stunning in this show and I love Alessandra, she still has a great body after giving a birth.

    The whole secrecy who is Victoria and what is her secret is a good marketing trick, we all know that the story isn’t so mysterious and romantic and the founder of VS is a men!

  81. Sander Says:

    Beautiful Ladies, I am in love with the Pink Teen Models.

  82. NASSR11 Says:

    hay ivry bady

  83. Ara Says:

    Hi Ryoni Community,

    Glad to see there are too many comments for me to read. What are my thoughts, you ask?

    Miranda Kerr is the hottest model in the show. Also, in case she ever reads this, I love you want to marry you now. Anyone who disagrees with me might as well jump off of their balcony or the tallest nearby building because they obviously have the lowest IQ a man can have.

    I still love Natasha Poly the most (see my posts for her video), why isn’t she in this show? Did she lose too much weight or something? Natasha Poly, if you are out there, eat something please.

    Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio are old news. Adriana Lima and her dumb finger trying to get Usher’s attention for about 10 minutes was so funny that I kind of actually felt bad for her.

    Heidi Klum is the face of MILF’s across the globe. If she has actually had three children, she deserves 50% of the world’s wealth.

    Lastly, PINK Teen Models (is that what they are?) are awesome!

    Lastly, whichever idiot decided not to allow us to watch the show and instead: 1) changed the camera every 2-3 seconds on average; 2) showed me random things backstage I don’t care about; and 3) showed a whole song by Usher without girls…should be poured gasoline on and burned if not beheaded for this.

  84. PAT Says:

    i think its so nice but the problem is it takes time to wait for buffering.

  85. Anonymous Says:

    wow its so nice.

  86. polatefendi Says:

    Doutzen: walk so fast in the show.Except of this she looked pretty,however.

    I liked Marisa’s walk more this time. Nothing to say for that perfect body.

    Miranda! your face is just a cure for me after Marisa’s. Seriously, she becomes more and more gorgeous year by year.

    Behati… she was the cutest one along with Alessandra, the tactics given by her was ok.

    Heidi, still goofy, still cute, still sexy. STILL Seal in the show????? I just hate from Seal pirate

    Alessandra: looked gorgeous even leaving behind pregnancy recently. No words for her,she is the favorite of the show.

    I expected a good performance by Candice and this happened, but damn you the VS editors!! they cut Candice’s scenes as much as they could. She’s definitely the hottest one in the VS 2008.

  87. endymion Says:

    I never look at a show as a whole. Although the show has an overall feeling, every line is a seperate part and deserves credit on its own.

    Before I go on with a detailed explanation, please note that the overall vibe counts for
    me. A line doesn’t get extra points for 1 model looking exceptional.

    The first 2 lines might as well have been part of the 07 show. Too much show, too much waving,…

    The third one, opened by Alessandra was pretty nice but the fifth:”with you”, opened by Doutzen, was one of the best ever.
    The summer evening feeling, soft colours of the outfits, soothing music, the hearts flying around and the oh so elegant Doutzen, Miranda and Flavia (at least I think it’s Flavia) make it one of the best lines ever!

    Furthermore, only the pink line should be allowed to go wild. The younger, fresher image of pink actually benefits from the models waving around, playing with the audience. So great job from Behati to flash her panties!

    Lastly, I’d like to add that it aren’t the angels but the other models that made this show great. The signed angels provided the usual quality but the newcomers really did a good job. Props to the casting!

    p.s. what’s the name of the pink model with ” big hugs” and “kisses” on her knickers?

  88. senina Says:

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  96. subbu Says:

    never look at a show as a whole. Although the show has an overall feeling, every line is a seperate part and deserves credit on its own.

    Before I go on with a detailed explanation, please note that the overall vibe counts for
    me. A line doesn’t get extra points for 1 model looking exceptional.

    The first 2 lines might as well have been part of the 07 show. Too much show, too much waving,…

    The third one, opened by Alessandra was pretty nice but the fifth:”with you”, opened by Doutzen, was one of the best ever.
    The summer evening feeling, soft colours of the outfits, soothing music, the hearts flying around and the oh so elegant Doutzen, Miranda and Flavia (at least I think it’s Flavia) make it one of the best lines ever!

    Furthermore, only the pink line should be allowed to go wild. The younger, fresher image of pink actually benefits from the models waving around, playing with the audience. So great job from Behati to flash her panties!

    Lastly, I’d like to add that it aren’t the angels but the other models that made this show great. The signed angels provided the usual quality but the newcomers really did a good job. Props to the casting!

    p.s. what’s the name of the pink model with ” big hugs” and “kisses” on her knickers?

  97. aman singh Says:

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  100. priscilla wiebers Says:

    I LOVE Adriana Lima and doutzen there a my role models.
    Its my dream to do the carwalkshow for victoria secret i hope through work hard to get there!! I would be heavenlY!!!!!

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  116. Ryoni Says:

    Doutzen Kroes is one of the most universal looking models on the show.

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    Heidi, Marisa, Doutzen and Adriana are the best…

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  143. cover boy Says:

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    Excuse me ,could anyone tell me
    the names the of the second model and third model,
    when Jorge Moreno was singing in the second part.
    i could not find the names on internet
    Thank you very much .have a nice day

  156. clyben Says:

    wow, very hot

  157. eman Says:

    Way too much Usher, and not enough women

  158. Karine Says:

    Alessandra Ambrósio e Adriana Lima representam muito bem o Brasil ! Que orgulho de ser brasileira :)

  159. Sicilia Says:

    The show would of been perfect if adriana and marissa would not been in the show. they ruin the show. Miranda was the cutest and got the best outfits. Doutzen was the prettiest one from all the models.

  160. Jorge Says:

    These girls are terrific!!!!!! I´m in love with them

  161. Anonymous Says:

    oh my got, the model are hots, very hots

  162. kitae22 Says:

    oh my god, this is the best thing ever. no commercials or interruptions, and i love all of the angels, but especially Alessandra Ambrosio, she’s the best!

  163. Mauricio Says:

    who sings the intro to victoria secret fashion show 2008????

  164. Alina Says:

    The best show ever! So much beauty…it’s amazing!!! Thank you for sharing with us the show!!! xoxo

  165. victoria Says:

    omg i love victoria`s secret!!!
    my top 3 favorites are probably
    there so pretty!!!!

  166. Anonymous Says:


  167. switzer semblante Says:

    hello world

  168. Olivia Huerta Says:

    ADRIANA LIMA is my #1 FAVORITE model! HOWEVER! i do agre with some of the comments that talk about her makeup and clothing this year. She still looked drop dead Gorgeous like she is and always has been but there has been other times at previous VS fashin Shows where she looks AMAZING!!! More than anything in this world!!! The rest are beautiful! Doutsen, Alessandra, Karolina, Heidi :)

  169. atz1999 Says:

    my favorite babe allesandra ambrossio,miranda and adriana.
    another babe would be tori black, sasha grey and maria ozawa :))))

  170. sarina Says:

    i love doutzen kroes and miranda kerr

  171. definition of sexy Says:

    I love the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show I don’t think VS can ever make a mistake. The models are hot and sexy, the music is always upbeat and what we listen to on the radio (unlike other fashion shows were the music is a wierd beat)

  172. mbt shoes uk Says:

    well done ,thanks.

  173. Sheena Says:

    Doutzen Kroes is absolutely gorgeous like drop dead gorgeous
    Alassandra is very beautifu, Miranda is so cute and Selita is one of a kind beauty, but karolina Kurkova is so hideous I’m sorry,but I hate her face

  174. Gino Hollberg Says:

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  178. alp Says:

    very thanks great

  179. Moon Says:


  180. Anuj Says:

    this is what i call hautmaxx. :P

  181. Dick Says:

    I have seen this videos almost 5 years back and they are still same they did not updated or changed

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