Why the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is, Possibly, the Greatest Thing in the World.

Victoria's Secret

The Victoria’s Secret Annual Special is the greatest program of its kind. Ever. How does that work, exactly? Well, there’s a certain type of television program that rounds up a series of beautiful women and parades them in varying stages of undress for your ogling, grateful eyes. It falls under the category of a Prime Time Annual Special, and Victoria’s Secret do it right.

You’ve probably heard about the big one from Sports Illustrated, with their Swimsuit Special, in which we easily ignore frivolous information about the photographers in order to glimpse those stunning models, just there, playfully rolling around in the sand.

Ostensibly, this special is about the famous, event-worthy edition of the otherwise sports-focused magazine, and makes a big deal out of the selection of its cover model, too. But it’s really just about nicely filmed, beautiful women and bikinis and thank you very much as we are quite happy with that. Or so we thought.

Then there’s VH1′s Fashion Rocks, in which we ignore both interchangeable fashion designers (not so hard, that) but also things we would normally find cool, like David Bowie, in order to see beautiful models paying tribute to the idea of a fashion show. It just happens to be a fashion show broadcast in prime-time with various artists playing live songs in the background.

This one is also (ostensibly, once again) about a heady mix of rock and fashion, but really it’s much more about the higher speed at which the models walk out onto the catwalk (possibly due to the thrill of live music and a massive audience), which makes them look more exciting, happier (and thus sexier), but also of course draws a ton of attention to their heaving, bouncing chests. It must be said that this show is also quite fine for what it is.

Victoria's Secret 2

Finally, though, there’s the queen of all specials, the extended catalogue advertisement miraculously turned into annual prime-time special, yes, you know the one: a great big old commercial for the lingerie line/store known as Victoria’s Secret. There’s just no other special like it.

I can’t think of another product that gets its yearly offerings advertised in such a high-profile, flashy way, but then again there’s a fine reason for that, gentlemen. Here, then, is the ultimate TV special devoted to literally angelic-looking babes with very little clothing, and what clothing remains is only designed to make us think of what’s underneath. Nope, it’s not like the other specials–no information about why this photographer likes a particular depth of field, or why that band goes well with this designer’s forward-looking spring lines.

No, no, no–this is all about a wonderful mix of red and black and white colors, a maelstrom of burlesque, of smiling, big-breasted, bouncing gorgeous women walking towards the camera in bustiers and teddies and oh dear god is that some kind of modern-style combination push-up-bra/corset? And will my girlfriend/wife/special friend be willing to wear it?

Victoria's Secret 3

These and other pressing concerns on the issue of cup size, nipple coverage, angelic wingspans, and how incredibly sexy this whole sort of boudoir/burlesque theme can be when attached to a buxom, glowing, curvaceous model with smooth skin and smouldering features, yes these (and these alone) will occupy your mind while watching this happily over-the-top spectacle that is exactly what it purports to be and nothing more. Beautiful women modelling rich, full lingerie in glorious HD.

If the Victoria’s Secret Catalogue was your adolescent Playboy substitute, let this TV special do the same for whatever porno-y video offering your older self was thinking about watching, but which would only spoil the whole surprise, the whole mystery, the whole great amount of sexiness that comes from dressing up stunningly tempting women in this stuff and not needing to watch them take it off because, well, damn, this is more than sufficient, thanks.

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12 thoughts on “Why the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is, Possibly, the Greatest Thing in the World.”

  1. I actually like the show now, but the music was’t as good as before while it has always been my favorite part of the VS Shows, especially the music of VS2005, VS2006 and VS2002.

    The show itself, great casting, high-energy, and even though Heidi and Seal’s TRU WUV makes me weep for the status of my singleton life to feature lots of cats in the near future, I still loved seeing a couple so.. enamoured still with each other, but the music. Poo and schlect.

    By the way we deffo missing outfits. I mean the pink segment had only Miranda, Behati, Rosie, Candice, Lindsay, Flavia, and the contest winner’s outfits pop up so far, right? Seems kind of small!

  2. I noticed that the set designs this year were more elaborate thatn last years. VSFS 2006 simply had those huge screens which opened and closed, during the Come Fly With Me segment,Highland Romance, and PINK. The music wasn’t terrible to me, it just wasn’t as awesomly mixed like the music at the shows which preceeded it.

    I would have liked to see more air time for the models. I also think it isn’t worth it to have the show in LA anymore. The Kodak theather is too small

  3. Most definitely this years show was the most over-the-top. Not 2003′s over-the-top, with the flying angels, but more like an obvious, “fighting for attention” type of extravaganza. I won’t lie: I enjoyed the show, and thought the model line-up was cool.

    I hope they get a lot of those girls back for next year. And I hope next year is a quieter, but awesome-music-packed show. Caroline and Doutzen should return, for sure.

  4. I think people just need a mysterious sexiness in their life because not everyone is so lucky to have a supermodel as a girlfriend. And who entertains better than VS with all that hotness, cuteness, magic, fairytale and glamour?

  5. Totally agree, however. I still think the 2005 show was the best, because it was more ‘artist free’ then the current shows. Hope they leave some of the artist bs out next year.

  6. never look at a show as a whole. Although the show has an overall feeling, every line is a seperate part and deserves credit on its own.

    Before I go on with a detailed explanation, please note that the overall vibe counts for
    me. A line doesn’t get extra points for 1 model looking exceptional.

    The first 2 lines might as well have been part of the 07 show. Too much show, too much waving,…

    The third one, opened by Alessandra was pretty nice but the fifth:”with you”, opened by Doutzen, was one of the best ever.
    The summer evening feeling, soft colours of the outfits, soothing music, the hearts flying around and the oh so elegant Doutzen, Miranda and Flavia (at least I think it’s Flavia) make it one of the best lines ever!

    Furthermore, only the pink line should be allowed to go wild. The younger, fresher image of pink actually benefits from the models waving around, playing with the audience. So great job from Behati to flash her panties!

    Lastly, I’d like to add that it aren’t the angels but the other models that made this show great. The signed angels provided the usual quality but the newcomers really did a good job. Props to the casting!

    p.s. what’s the name of the pink model with ” big hugs” and “kisses” on her knickers?

  7. The 2008 show is the first Victoria Secret I have seen but now I am HOOKED!
    They are so cool and amazing…my fav Angel is Alessandra, but on facebook when I did a VS test I came out as Heidi! Thats fine by me tho, she is mega hot and lets face it the Queen of VS! x

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